There’s a voice that keeps on calling me

The coaching process can be summarised in the six steps:

  1. Identifying what you really want to achieve
  2. Identify your values and what influence they have on your achievements
  3. Translate this information into your goals
  4. Create your plan to achieve your goals
  5. Identify and eliminate those limiting beliefs that are preventing you achieving your goals
  6. Achieve your goals

“Change your Life, Get what you want out of your life”
“See the choices”

You want to change any part of your life. You need to make decisions, before you decide you need to see your options. I’ll help you see your ability to choose

“Remember in everything you say and do … you have a choice”

Life is all about the choices you make, from the shoes you choose to wear, what attitude you have right now, through to how you are as a person.

“You have the choice

Think about your day, from the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep at the end of that day. You make lots of choices and you probably never thought about them. The reality is that the choices can give you everything you want … you have to choose to want them then the process is underway.

“If you choose to think you can do something… you probably will”

“If you choose to think you can’t do something. You certainly won’t”

The beauty is to see the choices in everything, once you look for the choices you will find them, once you’ve found them life becomes clearer…this may seem strange at first. So try it!

“Look for choices, become curious about them, and let them help you”

Let me help you start finding them. Once you can see the choices, you can make decisions, once you make decisions you can change your life.

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