What does coaching Involve?

What does coaching involve?

  1. i) Looking at what you want to do, be or have
    ii) Helping you see the choices you have to achieve them
    iii) Empowering you to make those choices
    iv) Working with you to achieve whatever you want to do, be or have
    v) Supporting you through the whole process

So how does it work?

 Your coaching “The introduction”

In your initial phone session, we’ll discuss your life, work, any aspect of you and your lifestyle. Look at what choices you have, we’ll then clarify your goals, handle any obstacles that might be stopping you, and help you identify and get in touch with the resources you’ll need to motivate and empower you on your way!

From there you choose how you want to move forward, if you’re not sure, I will gladly recommend options – being confident we will find one that suits you

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